Hot from the sketchbook


Here are two more cartoons I recently finished. The first one is a Sunday cartoon. You’ll notice that I have changed my comic name to Fjord, just because I didn’t want any conflict concerning Lagoon and the existing Sherman’s Lagoon.  The other one is a regular cartoon that’s a little blunt (figuratively). What I mean by “blunt” is that it does not follow a storyline of dialogue and has a very abrupt conclusion. I hope you like them. (Click on the images to enlarge.)

k cartoon

k cartoon 2

My Cartooning

Hello, You may have seen my other blog, BeyondPop. But all my life I  have loved cartooning, and today I’m starting a blog about it. My cartoons have been influenced by Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, and Bloom County, some of my favorites. I tend to draw kind of cynical cartoons, but I also like just mainstream humor. I have just started a cartoon called Lagoon, revolving around a few eccentric birds who can talk. Unfortunately, I have just realized that there is another popular cartoon with the word lagoon in the title (Sherman’s Lagoon), so I may change my cartoon’s title, but I got the idea before I even knew what that cartoon was called, so it is original. My cartoons tend to revolve around the strange yet extremely common things that people tend to do — for example, over-exaggerate, try to impress others, etc. Here is one of my first Lagoon cartoons (click on the image to enlarge): cartoon2